Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Well Managed and Governed Company is a Good Investment

Kate's note: my colleague Chuck Roxin, Managing Director of ZINO Business Development Services is guest blogging on my site for a few posts. 

"A well managed and governed company is a good investment."

That is the motto of ZINO Business Development Services.  Everyone knows that most start ups are in fact not successful; there may be a debate about the exact percentage, but not the reality. The issue of how to improve the odds of success is critical. To this end investors devote considerable effort to screening, performing due diligence, coaching and mentoring start ups. These activities do in fact improve the odds.  

We’d like to improve the odds even further. ZBDS picks up the story when companies begin to experience traction. By providing continuing assistance with management and operations the company’s growth can be propelled with greater confidence. Strengthening governance processes and decision making will do the same.
ZINO Society, as appropriate for an angel investment organization, focuses on what happens with a company shortly after creation. At ZBDS we’re looking at the entire life cycle, from creation through profitable growth or exit. Join us in this effort, and follow ZBDS blogs to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and why it’s important.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

UW's Fluke Hall Incubator is Open for Business!

UW C4C's Linden Rhoads cuts the ribbon on Fluke Hall
Yesterday UW's Fluke Hall, the new incubator that will be run by the Center for Commercialization officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The opening of UW's incubator has been in the works at least since April, when UW's Center for Commercialization took possession and began a remodel. I'm incredibly interested in this undertaking, both as a C4C alumnus and current angel group representative. When I was working in technology project management at C4C, there was an excited buzz about Fluke Hall and all the possibilities. C4C's New Ventures group began lining up fledgling UW companies for wet lab, dry lab and office space months before the opening. I hope the companies with whom I used to work will find an inspired home at Fluke.

In my current role as Dealflow Manager at ZINO, my interest now lies in the impact UW's incubator will have on the companies ZINO funds. I believe our investors will be exposed to even higher quality deals due to the activity at Fluke. The staff at C4C is dedicated to technology commercialization, and clearly UW's President Young expects to see companies spin out of UW in record numbers. Through the support of C4C and President Young, I believe ZINO and other Seattle angel groups will begin to see some outstanding investment opportunities coming straight from UW. I am looking forward to connecting UW companies seeking funding with ZINO's investor group.

Congratulations to my friends at C4C, the UW community and Seattle investors! Fluke Hall is a huge win for all.